Backcountry Tablet Keeps the Internet Close Wherever You Are

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backcountryFor the outdoorsy geeks among us (the very rare breed they are) we have a nice new gadget for your collection of survival gadgets. The Backcountry tablet is a 6″ e-ink Android tablet capable of keeping you on track, and connected no matter where you end up.

Though its only a croundfunding campaign for now (get in line over here) we do know all the specs for you. This little guy has a 1024×768 resolution, is waterproof, works with gloves, has built-in solar panels, GPS, Bluetooth, ¬†FRS and GMRS for voice / text as well as whether sensors to help you decide when to turn back or pitch tent. ¬†Honestly this is a cool pice of tech for $250 I think any avid camper or hiker should give it a look.