iOS7 Rumors: Flickr and Vimeo

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ios-7-jailbreakiOS6 brought with it some very large changes to our experience with iPhones and iPads, the introduction of built-in Facebook and Twitter and the departure of Google Maps and YouTube. Though it wasn’t very long until Google released their own apps the fact still remained that Apple was getting further away from close integration with Google, but closer to everyone else.

So what can we expect in iOS7? Rumours are that we will see integration with both Vimeo and Flickr. Vimeo seems like the obvious choice, and a knife in the back of Google however Flickr seems like an interesting choice. Since it’s purchase by Yahoo it has gone down hill, and it was only yesterday they released a redesign that has extremely mixed opinions. We will have to see if their is truth to this, and what it means for the user experience however more integrated support for services we use is not necessarily a bad thing.