R.I.P. Boxee Box

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boxee-box-frontThe media streaming device market has just gotten a little smaller with the news of Boxee. What started as a mod on the XMBC turned into a popular (and powerful) product sold by DLink. Aside from running apps for NetFlix, NHL, MLB, and practically everything else you would want the Boxee had a unique way of searching your local network for media content and displaying it to you in a very well organized library including cover art and IMDB descriptions.

Over time Boxee went through a few product updates, including stepping into the DVR market with a USB adapter and a Cloud service. However it was recently announced that Samsung is purchasing Boxee, which has been loosing money since 2007. There are very few details however what we do know is the sale value was under $30 million and Samsung is (for now at least) keeping the 40 employees around. Despite this though, it look as if support for the existing devices is going to disappear as well their cloud service will be shut down this summer.
Let’s hope the mod community takes care of the Boxee for us, if your like me this funny little box is an essential part of your home theater.